Rainbows Hospice Phone Fundraising

If you receive a call from Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People, it's likely you'll be speaking to someone from our partner telephone agency, Ethicall. 

We work with them because, much as they’d like to, our Supporter Relations Team is too small to handle the volume of calls we want to make. By working with our colleagues at Ethicall we’re able to deliver a consistently excellent level of supporter care to you. We know that our work wouldn't be possible without you. Our team and our partner agencies are committed to being open and honest with you. Whoever you speak to, we’ll value your time and opinion. 

How can I tell if it’s Rainbows who called?

When you miss a call from us, we want you to know who tried to call. That’s why, if you call back on the number we use, you’ll hear an automated message telling you who rang. When we have a telephone campaign running, we’ll list the numbers we are using here.

We are currently running a telephone campaign from the number 0117 325 4021, if you receive a call from that number it is Ethicall calling on our behalf.

Why are Ethicall allowed to call me?

Ethicall can only call you on behalf of Rainbows because they have a contract to do so with us to speak to our supporters. As soon as that contract ends they cannot do this anymore and they cannot call you for any other reason.

We have your telephone number on our database which you’ll have supplied to us. We do not buy telephone numbers to be able to call our supporters. When you gave us your phone number you may have given us consent to contact you by using it.

If you do speak to one of Ethicall's staff on the phone they’ll offer you the opportunity to tell us you don't want to be called in the future. You can read our privacy policy which gives much more detail about the legal basis that we have to be able to contact you.

How can I stop receiving calls? 

When you receive a call from Rainbows, you can simply let the caller know you don’t want to hear from us by phone in the future.
You can also call our Supporter Relations Team on 01509 638 049 or email supportercare@rainbows.co.uk

Read our FAQs about telephone fundraising