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Kalimanton Jungle Trek

Our challenging trek takes us truly off the beaten track. We trek through dense, steamy jungle, surrounded by the incredibly atmospheric sounds made by a myriad of insects, animals such as gibbons, hornbills and tree frogs, and the all-pervasive dripping foliage. Staying in local Dayak villages, we gain a privileged insight into their ancient culture.
You won’t have many home comforts, but this is an unforgettable challenge in an untamed environment – a true adventure in every sense.

Minimum sponsorship option:
Registration: £399
Minimum fundraising target: £3,600

Self-funder option:

Registration: £399Balance: £1,440
Minimum fundraising target: no minimum but please raise as much as you can!

For an information pack please contact the fundraising team on 0800 952 1133 or email
Once registered in support of Rainbows, we will support you with fundraising advice and ideas to help you meet your fundraising target.