Company Giving

Corporate Donations

Did you know that giving a donation to Rainbows will mean that you can pay less corporation tax? If you make a donation you can deduct the total value of the donation from your total business profits before you pay tax. Now that is a great result of a win win for both of us.

Making a straight forward cash donation may seem obvious but it’s the easiest way to do something amazing for us and will lead by example to your employees to encourage support from them too. You can chose to either make a single corporate donation to Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People or you can choose to make a regular monthly donation to the hospice, please follow this link to complete a direct debit form.

These days, the range of possible gifts is growing. As well as giving money, your company could give shares, donate investments that will earn dividends for us in the future, or securities such as bonds, whereby we would gain from the profits.


Gifts in Kind

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