Rainbows Big Christmas Raffle

Enter our Big Christmas Raffle today and you could be in with a chance of winning £5,000 in time for Christmas! Just imagine those extra special last minute gifts or maybe booking a holiday in the sun? With additional prizes of £250, £100 and 5 x £50 you could be enjoying a very Merry Christmas.

Tickets cost just £1 each and all proceeds will go towards helping the children and young people that rely on Rainbows, so you’ll also be giving them a wonderful Christmas gift.

By entering our Big Christmas Raffle you are helping to bring fun, laughter and support to our children and young people every day of the year and when they need it the most.

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“Preston will have a shorter life. We don’t know how many years he has but we take each day as it comes.”

By playing our Big Christmas Raffle today you’re doing something amazing. Every ticket you buy or sell will help children and young people like Preston (pictured above).

Preston Shumba, aged seven, was born six weeks premature with a congenital heart condition. He was rushed to a specialist heart hospital the moment he was born “It was very scary, I didn’t even get to hold my baby,” said mum Julia. “I couldn’t go to him until the next day and he was connected to wires and had a mask on. I was able to hold his hand through the incubator and it was just heart-breaking.”

Preston’s health began to stabilise until without warning, at the age of three, he began bleeding from his tracheostomy. He was taken straight to hospital where he suffered two cardiac arrests. “I thought I was going to lose him, I was just so scared,” said Julia.

The bleeding continued, sometimes up to four times a day, for three years. Eventually doctors were able to control the eruptions with medication.

To add to his heart complications, Preston only has the use of one lung, which means he won’t be able to have any more surgery.

“I look forward to his birthdays and Christmas so we can celebrate another year and celebrate making happy memories with him. We can’t think about what might happen, we just have to take each day as it comes.

Preston brings us so much joy, he is such a happy, friendly boy. He likes to play so much but he can’t run a lot as it can affect his heart.”

Julia and Isaac, who also have a daughter, Febbie, first visited Rainbows in 2014. Julia said: “At first, I didn’t want to go to Rainbows as I was told it was a place where children go to die. But then I learnt more about it and realised it wasn’t, so we decided to give it a try. I wish we had come sooner. Rainbows is excellent. It is a lovely, happy place. Preston and Febbie both love it. We all stay at Rainbows as I can’t be too far away from Preston and it is like a holiday for us. Preston is safe at Rainbows and he gets to do things that he normally can’t, like swimming in the hydrotherapy pool.”

Febbie also benefits from the support of Rainbows through the charity’s Sibling Support scheme. She added: “I really love my brother and when Preston first came home from hospital, it made me really happy and I kept on hugging him. Now he goes to Rainbows and it is a great place for children who aren’t very well. I get to go on the sibling trips, have sleepovers, go to theme parks and I also get to spend more time with my mummy when Preston is being looked after.”

Tickets cost just £1, so all you need to do is…

Buy your Big Christmas Raffle tickets 

Entries close on Friday 8th December and the winners will be drawn on Friday 15th December 2017. If you win we will send a cheque in the post – it’s as simple as that!

Good luck!

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