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Make a Will and support Rainbows

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Our Make a Will Month campaign, which raises around £350,000 for Rainbows, has launched.

Solicitors across the region are offering a saving of more than 50 percent when making a Will to encourage people to leave a lasting legacy to children and young people with life-limiting and terminal illnesses. Last year the care of one in six children at Rainbows was funded through gifts in Wills.

For the month, solicitors will write a new single simple Will or update a current Will for £45 plus VAT. In recognition of the offer, we hope that people may wish to leave a gift to us when writing their Will.

Andy Campbell, Chief Executive Officer at Rainbows, said: “We understand that making a Will can be an emotional task and people will most likely be thinking of their family and friends. But by leaving a donation to Rainbows too, it can help us to continue providing care for the children and young people who rely on the hospice.

“Since we began the campaign in 2010, we have received around £1.5 million in pledges and almost £12,000 in direct donations.

“Even if you have a Will, which less than half of the UK population currently do, perhaps you would consider adding a codicil leaving a gift to Rainbows. All of the legacies we receive add up, no matter how small, and without your support, we simply wouldn’t be able to open our doors to those families who need us the most.”

The typical cost for writing a single Will is around £120 plus VAT so people who take part in our Make a Will Month will make a huge saving from the offset.”

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