Your Will, Our Promise

Your Will, Our Promise

If you pledge to support Rainbows in this special way, we promise to do our very best for you.

1. Every penny that you leave to Rainbows will change the lives of the local families that we support. We will use your gift wisely and where it is needed the most.

2.We will always answer your questions quickly and honestly.

3.The people you love come first. We will treat you, your family and representatives with the utmost sensitivity and respect.

4.We won’t put you under any pressure – leaving a gift in your Will is a big decision, so please decide in your own time. If we can help, please ask.

5.Your privacy is vitally important to us. You don’t have to tell us if you have left a gift to Rainbows, but if you do we will ensure that information remains confidential. We will never share your details with anyone else.

6.You’re welcome to come and see how your gift will help us deliver critical care and support to our children, young people and their families. Just contact us and we will arrange a tour.

Remembering Rainbows in your Will is the most wonderful gift you could ever make to support a critically ill or life-limited child or young person in your community.  It won’t cost you a penny in your lifetime, but it will be priceless for those who rely on Rainbows.