Knit for Rainbows!

Knit for Rainbows

If you’re one of those people who can never sit down without a pair of knitting needles and a ball of wool, we would love your help during this special anniversary year.

We are asking you, our supporters, to knit brightly colour flower brooches and then sell them on our behalf, to raise both awareness and funds. By encouraging your family, friends and neighbours to wear a Rainbows brooch, you’ll be helping to ensure we continue to be there in the future for many children, young people and their families. Alternatively, you can donate your knits to the hospice, or to one of our shops where we’ll sell them. We may also use them to thank our fantastic supporters.

How to take part:

There are so many ways you can knit, socialise and make a difference to children in the East Midlands with life-limiting conditions: 

  • Get together with friends and family to have a ‘Knitter Natter coffee morning’ or afternoon tea and ask for a donation for any cakes or tea that you provide.
  • Start a knitting group with your colleagues at work and ask them to make a suggested donation if they want to join.
  • If you're part of a knitting group already, hold a competition, raffle or special event.
  • Sell your lovely knitted brooches to friends and family and ask them to wear them and spread awareness of Rainbows.

Download your knitting pack

Pick your pattern:

Feel free to express your creativity and use any flower knitting or crochet flower pattern you would like.  All we ask is that you be as bold and bright as a rainbow!

To help you get started, we have a simple brooch pattern you can download:

Brooch pattern

Scroll down to read the FAQs which will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Interested in a bigger project?

Can you knit a large flower for a display at our 25th Birthday Party?

We want to create a meadow of brightly coloured flowers at the hospice to celebrate our 25th year, and display them at our Community Open Day on Saturday 21 September 2019. These flowers will be sold for £25 each (incl P&P) and following our Open Day will be posted to the person who purchased them.  We want as many flowers as possible to brighten Rainbows, and have a template for three different designs, two being knitting patterns and one a crochet pattern (see below).  For these larger flowers we would ask you to please follow the patterns available below, but use any brightly coloured yarn you would like.  

Sunflower pattern

Six Petal Flower pattern

Daffodil pattern

Brooch pattern

Buy a large flower

Please drop your completed flowers into one of our shops or to the hospice directly.  


If I want to knit or crochet a brooch, what should it look like?

We want the flower brooches to be bright and colourful, but there are no restrictions on how they should look.  Please express your own creativity and make brooches that others can wear to show their support for Rainbows.  If you are knitting or crocheting one of the larger flowers for display at the hospice, we would ask you to please stick to the patterns.

Where do I send the knitted flowers once I have made them?

The brooches can be sent to any of our shops in Blaby, Beeston, Loughborough, Market Harborough and Melton Mowbray or to hospice.

How much should I sell my brooches for?

When you sell them yourself you can set the donation amount, or ask people to donate as little or as much as they would like.  The brooches that are sent to us will be sold in our charity shops and on stalls for £2 each. 

Are there any knitting and brooch materials available from Rainbows?

Please use your own materials to make the brooches and large flowers.  They don’t need to be expensive to make.  A number of our volunteers have made brooches using oddments of wool and spare safety pins.

How do I pay the money raised to Rainbows?

You can head to the rainbows website ( and click on the “donate” button, or you can send a cheque directly to the hospice, or take the money to one of our charity shops.

Why is it important to follow the pattern provided for the large flower being sold for £25?

We want the standard and quality of the large flowers to be consistent for those who buy them.  Please express your individuality by using brightly coloured yarns, this will make our Rainbow meadow look bright and cheerful on our Community Open Day.

How do I buy a large flower?

Large flowers will be available to purchase via the Rainbows website, and via a flower leaflet.  Flowers will be for sale for a limited period prior to Open Day.  The date of sale will be confirmed once we start to receive donated flowers through the post.  Please contact our Supporter Care Team on 01509 638049 or email

Buy a large flower