A young boy smiling with his mum and baby sister

“Losing a child is like losing your soul. You will put on a brave front for the world but inside, you are actually dying.”

These are the words of Fathima, whose daughter, Zainab, lost her battle against T-Cell Lymphoma in 2012 at the age of seven. Now she is faced with the heartache again as her 11-year-old son, Moosa, has heart failure but is too ill for the transplant he so desperately needs.

Throughout both ordeals, Fathima, her husband Mohamed and their other children Madeeh, Hamdhy, Zain and Maya, have been supported by Rainbows. They describe our charity as a special place for them.

“When Zainab was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma our whole world ended,” said Fathima. “We battled through trying to remain positive, watching her struggle and suffer through pain and anguish each day. As a family, we were torn between taking care of our other children and our need to spend every possible minute with Zainab.

“When we were referred to Rainbows, Zainab had reached the last stage of her battle. No words could ever reflect what we felt each day watching her struggle through her pain. Rainbows stepped in to offer care and support, not only for Zainab but for our whole family.

“The love, concern and support that was extended to us by Rainbows helped us through the dark time and enabled us to heal as a family.”

Fathima and Mohamed never expected to need our care again but in 2018, Moosa – who was born with a heart condition – got very sick. He was due to have a CT scan but suffered a heart attack, followed by another one just weeks later.

Moosa spent five weeks in Glenfield Hospital before he was moved to our hospice, where he spent a further five weeks.

“That is when we were told Moosa’s heart was failing,” said Fathima. “But he can’t go on the transplant list because it is too risky. When he was in hospital, he couldn’t even move but at Rainbows, he started physiotherapy and he is now at the stage where he can walk.

“Once again, Rainbows really helped us out. They looked after everything for us. It is such a special place for us all. Moosa loves it and I really enjoy staying there as well.

“The doctors tell us he is a miracle as he just keeps on fighting. We are so dedicated to help Rainbows continue their work with the many other families like ours. We would never have got through any of it without them.”

Losing a child is like losing your soul. You will put on a brave front for the world but inside, you are actually dying.