Adopt Rainbows as your schools charity of choice

Your school, college or university can really make a difference to the lives of children being cared for at Rainbows, as well as being a very positive learning experience for all involved.

How your school can help

Your school can help by organising fundraising activities throughout the year. For example, you could promote your own pop concert, organise a sports day or turn your Christmas concert into a fundraising opportunity. You could ask your teachers if you can be sponsored to hold a non-uniform day or a more adventurous dress outrageously day!

Many schools adopt Rainbows and their enthusiasm has been fantastic. We often provide speakers who will visit your school and talk about the work we do. Whether it’s the whole school or one class, everyone can get involved in the fun.

Charity committee

Why not set up a charity committee, they will hold meetings, decide on events, learn how to budget and plan an event or activity – with the ultimate satisfaction of raising money for a much-needed cause.

Being involved in the team is like running a small business – it can even be included in the school curriculum as a school project or in The Young Enterprise Scheme. We can also write off hours for the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

For further information contact your local Rainbows fundraiser:

Paula North: Community Engagement Manager
Tel: 01509 638 039
Mbl: 07880 721 750

Gary Farnfield: Community Fundraiser
Tel: 01509 238 952
Mbl: 07815 520465

Jess Dixon: Community Fundraiser
Tel: 01509 638 029
Mbl: 07815 523645

Alison Furlong: Community Fundraiser
Tel: 01509 638006
Mbl: 07763 664818