Date 16/03/2024
Time @ 5.45pm- 9pm
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Can you handle the heat? If so join us for a night of fire and fun and help raise money and awareness for Rainbows!

Our Derby Firewalk will give you an unbelievable experience, which will get your heart racing and your adrenaline pumping. Firewalking is the art of walking through burning coals without getting burned, transforming your fear and inspiring you to do things you didn’t think were possible!

No previous experience needed. Under the expert guidance of double Guinness World Record Holder for the greatest distance walked on fire – Scott Bell from UK Firewalk, you’ll complete a pre-walk briefing session, making sure you have the skills and confidence to tackle the challenge of walking barefoot over coals which are 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

With your friends and family at the side cheering you on, this really is a fantastic opportunity to test your mind over matter, while putting your best foot forward for Rainbows.

What you’ll get from Rainbows for taking part?

By taking part in this challenge, you’re helping us continue to be there for local children and young people with life-limiting conditions. We know we couldn’t do the work we do without your support, this is why by taking part in the Derby Firewalk, you’ll get from us:

  • A Supporting Rainbows cotton t-shirt
  • A dedicated Fundraising Pack full of amazing ideas on how to increase your fundraising efforts
  • Qualified Instructor & Fire tenders
  • Qualified trained First Aider
  • Certificates for walkers
  • Photos of your achievement shared on our social media platforms after the event

Register for the Derby Firewalk

How much does it cost?

  • Registration fee: £20
  • Minimum sponsorship: £100 (excluding gift aid)

Firewalkers must be 11 years or older to participate.

Register for the Derby Firewalk

Timings on the day:

  • Registration: 5.45pm – 6.30pm
  • Training: 6.30pm
  • Firewalk: 7.30pm
  • Is firewalking dangerous?

    UK Firewalk have never had anyone who has required medical attention after a public, corporate or charity fire walk. Their main priority is the safety of the walkers and they ensure this with a comprehensive risk assessment prior to the event. There is always a chance of a blister but if there were no risks, where would be the accomplishment of walking on fire be?

  • Will it hurt?

    The sensation is described by some as walking on eggshells, and others as walking on hot sand. Each walker has his or her own experience. UK Firewalk have not known walkers to experience pain and when the opportunity arises many will walk across the coals more than once.

  • What should I wear?

    There is no special clothing required. Casual comfortable clothes are best. Please remember fires can be quite dirty and clothes may become ash stained. Footwear needs to be easy to remove, and will need to be replaced before going back indoors so a hand towel might be a good idea. Flip flops are a good idea, especially if the ground is cold. Nail varnish and toe rings are fine.

  • What happens on the day?

    You will receive full training before the Fire Walk. During this time you will be motivated and build the confidence to complete the challenge. You will also have the benefit of been associated with the twice Guinness World Record Holder for the greatest distance walked on fire – Scott Bell. Scott is the joint founder of UK Firewalk and personally takes all the seminars to ensure you receive the consistent service and standards you deserve.

    There will be a bar and hot food options available on the night so please do encourage friends and family to come down and cheer you on! *Please note participants cannot have an alcoholic beverage until they have completed their walk.