Recycling is easy to do, great for the environment and won’t cost you a penny!

Mobile Phones

We can turn any unwanted mobile phones into cash whether new or old.  Obsoletes and dud are passed on to specialist recyclers.  Newer models are re-sold on depending on their condition. If you could please get your staff to hunt down all of their old phones at home as well as company phones that are lurking in the desks of the IT Department.  We can get up to £50 per phone!

Once you have collected them all together, please get in touch and we can arrange collection.

Mixed Currency

If you have been abroad and have foreign currency left over, don’t let it gather dust – donate it to Rainbows and we’ll put it to good use!

We collect:

  • Notes and coins of any currency
  • Old European currency, including old British money which is no longer valid

Please let all of your staff, friends and family know that you are collecting and you’ll be amazed how much this adds up to once converted.

Get in touch

Please contact Kate Golding on 01509 638008



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Kate Golding
Corporate Fundraiser
01509 638008