Christmas Appeal 2020

Life-limited and life-threatened children and their families right across the East Midlands are facing an incredibly difficult Christmas.

The pandemic has taken away much of the special care, support and fun we usually provide at our hospice over the holidays. But, with your help, we can still make sure they get the nursing care their child needs; and that they will still get to see Santa!

Christmas and the holiday season are so important for our families. It’s a goal for so many – a moment to be treasured, another milestone achieved. This Christmas will be different, harder, more isolating. And yet, for many, we know their child’s condition means it’s likely to be their last Christmas together.

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COVID means we cannot throw open our hospice’s doors as we usually do. But that doesn’t mean we’re not determined to give every child the best care – and the most love and fun – we can this Christmas. Far from it – but we are going to need your help.

On behalf of our entire team of staff and volunteers, we're asking for you to give a gift to bring care, fun and love to local life-limited children this Christmas. We need your help to pay for the costs of care for life-limited children and their families – and to make sure that every child gets to see Santa this year.

It costs £69 for one of our Family Support Workers to drive out and spend a couple of hours with a family who are struggling at home alone. They’re there to answer questions, give advice and support to give them the best chance of coping over Christmas. An hour of expert nursing care over the holidays – giving a child peace during their final days – will cost £36. We are ready to provide all the care a child and family needs every day over the holidays, Christmas Day included. But every day, we will need to find £3,100 to fund that care. Any donation you feel able to make will help us to reach another family and another child.

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Help support Rainbows Hospice Christmas Appeal

£69, which could pay for a Family Support Worker to make a trip out to see a family isolating at home over the holidays

Help our Family Support Workers be there for our families

Your support this Christmas, means we can be here for families like Harvey's.

Harvey was born in March 2017, he was born happy and healthy but stopped putting on weight in his first few weeks. At 10 weeks old Harvey was referred to a Paediatrician at the Leicester Royal Infirmary; and then he was admitted to the hospital to undergo several tests.

At four months old, Harvey was diagnosed with a serious condition, Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 1 - a degenerative condition which caused the loss of motor neurons which control muscle movement, which in turn would make swallowing and breathing for Harvey increasingly more difficult.

Following Harvey's diagnosis, the family were introduced to Rainbows - and because of your support, we're able to be here for them and families like theirs.

Support a local family this Christmas