A CRM partnership allows you to support Rainbows whilst marketing something you already offer, it’s a proven fact that consumers are more likely to buy goods associated with a good cause.

You could donate a percentage of the monies made on a product or service or you could ask customers to add a small donation to their bill, even £1, it’s amazing how it adds up! There is a CRM partnership to suit every kind of business, email our Corporate Team today.

To help you think about how this might work for your company, we’re celebrating some of our CRM partners below:

Riviera Travel

One of our oldest CRM partnerships is with tour and river cruise specialist Riviera Travel in Burton-on-Trent. When booking with them, holidaymakers just need to mention “Rainbows” and we’ll receive 10% of the holiday total cost. This has raised over £15,000 since 2012!

Charnwood Brewery – Rainbow Fox

Since Christmas 2016, Charnwood Brewery in Loughborough have been supporting us with a bespoke recipe beer, “Rainbow Fox” which features a co-branded label and is also available in co-branded gift boxes, which has more information about the brewery and Rainbows printed on the back. The beer has been to a number of local pubs and clubs, while also being available in bottles through the brewery and several other outlets. We split the profits from every sale with Charnwood Brewery – which is working out roughly at £1,000 every time they brew the beer!

Ever So Sensible

Our friends at Ever So Sensible support Rainbows by donating 50p from every sale of their amazing Rainbow Burger. So far they have sold over 4000 Rainbow Burgers in their establishments across the East Midlands. Their scheme has raised £2,400 for Rainbows to date!

You mean business, and so do we. Together, we can support local children and young people

Melton Building Society

In 2020 The Melton Building Society offered their customers an Affinity Savings Account. The building society make an annual donation based on the amount saved in these accounts, the more customers save the more we receive! So far we have received over £5,000 from this scheme.

Thomas & Cooper Legal Services

Since 2017 Thomas & Cooper have been donating £5 for every Will they’ve sold. So far this has raised over £3,000! This is also very relevant as over 1/5 of our income each year comes from the generosity of people who leave us gifts in their Will.