Six ways you can support Rainbows

Six ways to support Rainbows Hospice

We’re in uncertain times at the moment, with many of us working from home and home schooling. It can (and does) feel strange, but here at Rainbows we’re trying to keep things as normal and positive as possible. 

Our shops have closed and we may have temporarily stopped our respite and day care services – but we’re still providing our end of life care, family and bereavement support, as well as increasing our virtual and online support services.

To be able to continue with these services and support our children, young people and families, we still need your unwavering support! Below you’ll find six simple, yet effective, ways which you can still help us raise the £6m+ we need to make sure we can  be here to keep helping the families that rely on us .

1) Regular Giving

We only  receive around 15% of our funding from government bodies, so we rely on donations to fund the care we give. With many events being postponed (and some being cancelled altogether), the stark reality is that we don't know when we'll next be able to hold our next fundraising event. So quite simply, the money coming in from our tenacious, amazing athletes who lace up their trainers to run the London Marathon, and from our amazing bakers who hold cake sales, will stop. 

What doesn’t stop is the support we’re providing to children, young people and families affected by life-limiting conditions, living here in the East Midlands. In these confusing times, they need our help more than ever.

You can help us plug the gap left by events being postponed, by setting up a Direct Debit for Regular Giving. Whatever you can give will make a huge difference and every penny donated will help to brighten short lives. Set up your regular donation by visiting

2) Play our lottery

Did you know, in 2017 60% of the money raised through the Rainbows Lottery went directly into the hospice, helping our children, young people and families. By playing for £1 a week, not only are you playing a huge role in supporting the work we do, but you’re also in with a chance of winning the weekly jackpot of £1,000.

As the saying goes, “you have to be in it to win it.” What are you waiting for? Sign up today via

3) WFHoO Challenge

Pronounced “woof-hoo”, our WFHoO Challenge (aka: Working From Home or Office) is designed to keep teams talking and having fun together, even when you’re working from home.

‘Life Is A Rollercoaster Just Gotta Ride It’ – never truer words sung by Ronan! We know we will all do our very best to do this and to help us all along just a little bit, we are asking you to join in with our WFHoO Challenge (which includes quizzes, competitions and more) to help keep us all connected and let’s face it, we’re all very competitive! 

The WFHoO Challenge is very simple, you email our Head of Organisational Giving, Kate Golding (, Kate will send you a pack via email and the instructions and you and your team complete the challenges. Are you in?

4) #Rainbows5K

We may be limited to how many times a day we can go out in public to exercise at present, but this doesn’t mean you can’t still get involved in the #Rainbows5K… it may mean that we just need to get inventive on how we complete it.

You could use your daily exercise to go for a run, walk with the dog or cycle ride and complete the 5K all in one go or over a number of days. Or, you could clock up the distance by walking up and down the stairs throughout the week (we’ve figured you’d need to go up and down the stairs 115 times to complete the distance) or how about star-jumps (again, we’ve estimated you’d need to do about 1,750).

However you get involved, by signing up you’ll be helping to make a huge difference – and it’s a great way to get the family exercising together too. Sign up today via

5) Share, share and share some more

Supporting us and the work we do doesn’t always mean you need to put your hand into your pocket, it can be as simple as sharing the posts we’re putting out across our social media channels and sharing the important news we’re doing.

It’s estimated that on average each Twitter account has 208 followers. If you shared our tweets that’s another 208 people who (potentially) will hear about the work we’re doing, the fun activities we’ve got going on – and who could support us. If they also shared the posts, that’s even more people.

So next time you’re flicking through social media, take a few seconds to share our posts… please!

6) Facebook Fundraisers

Since we launched them, you’ve raised over £24,000 for us through Facebook Fundraisers – with many being set up to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. Now, more than ever, Facebook Fundraisers could be a fantastic way to encourage your friends, family and colleagues to support us – particularly as they can’t get to the shops to buy birthday presents!

Other great ways to utilise Facebook Fundraisers is to host a virtual quiz online with your friends / family and ask them to donate an “entry fee” via a Facebook Fundraiser (you could base your questions on Rainbows using our website as a tool for quizgoers to find the answers). Have a weekly / monthly meal out with friends – why not set up a Facebook Fundraiser and donate the money you’d normally spend?

A big benefit of creating a Facebook Fundraiser is that the money automatically comes to us – you don’t need to see anyone or handle any cash!

These are just six simple ways in which you can support us and help brighten short lives at the same time. If you’ve got some ideas yourself, we’d love to hear them – and our Community Fundraisers would be more than happy to talk through any fundraising activities you may have planned (you can find your areas Community Fundraiser and their contact details here).


Team Rainbows

Ps. At Rainbows, we never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun. 

With schools and nurseries closed and lots of our families and supporters working from home, we're going to be posting fun activities and competitions children, young people and families can get involved in. Keep an eye on all our social channels as well as for lots of fun activities for all the family.

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