Accessibility Statement

Here at Rainbows we’ve taken measures to make this site accessible to a wide audience. Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the measures we’ve taken to improve accessibility. If you have any problems accessing our site or have any suggestion, please do contact us.

Overall features

  • Our site is coded using valid, semantic code which will grant assistive technologies the ability to browse around our site without any semantic problems.
  • Link phrases clearly specify where they lead when read out of context.
  • Form controls are explicitly associated with their prompts.
  • Content is clearly separated from presentation.
  • Font size can be increased by pressing CTRL (Command for Mac users) plus +.
  • Headlines have been used to properly mark up a page’s sections.

Access keys

To support keyboard users, Rainbows has assigned Access Keys for our main navigation links. Access keys will let you jump to a certain section of the site with a keyboard shortcut. In order to access these from a Windows browser, you should press ALT + the key. Macintosh users should use CTRL + acces key.

Acces Key: h
The Hospice
Acces Key: i
Get Involved
Acces Key: d
Acces Key: e
Acces Key: b
Acces Key: f
Acces Key: s
Acces Key: p
Acces Key: l
The Build

Screen Readers

You can navigate your way through our site suing a screenreader. Below you’ll find some shortcuts that will help you out while doing so:

  • Press ‘H’ to cycle forwards through the headings.
  • Shift + H will cycle backwards through the headings.
  • ‘1’ Will lead you towards the next leven 1 heading. On our site, every page has just one level 1 heading, which is our page’s title. However, pressing any number between 2 and 6 will take you through the next heading of each level.
  • Shift + 1 (or any number between 1 and 6) will take you to the previous heading of that level.
  • Insert + F6 will provide you with a list of all headings.