The people we help

We are here to brighten the short lives of the children and young people who come to Rainbows. We want them to have fun and make special memories. We are also here to support their loved ones through the most difficult times of their lives.

Oliver and Olivia's story

Twins, Oliver and Olivia, battled to beat the odds after being born at 29 weeks.

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Oliver and Olivia's Story
Patrick Langford

Patrick's story

Patrick has had between 20 and 30 seizures a day and has spent half of his young life in hospital. His mum describes him as a little miracle

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Sophie’s story

Sophie and her twin sister, Erica, were extremely premature. Born four months early, their parents were told it was unlikely they would survive into the next day. But they defied the odds.

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Preston’s story

Preston has a life-threatening heart condition but he doesn’t let that stop him from running around, playing and enjoying life.

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Jessie's story

Jessie Spray suffers from a rare and catastrophic form of intractable epilepsy and factors such as the weather and over stimulation can cause life-threatening seizures.

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Jessie Spray

Jayden's story

At first glance you might easily think Jayden Raven was like any other child. But five-year-old Jayden is not like other children. He is, in fact, often very poorly. And every birthday, every Christmas with her son is a milestone for which his mother, Sarah, is grateful.

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