Placements and work experience

A Care Team member painting the foot of a smiling young girl, as another young child looks on

Student placements

We also support student placements for students studying for relevant professional qualifications. Nursing andĀ  physiotherapy work placements are offered on a regular basis in liaison with local education providers. There is also scope for other professionals to undertake placements if we are able to meet the supervision requirements.

To discuss this further please contact 01509 638 000

Work experience and volunteering

Due to the size of the organisation, we are only able to offer work experience to students who have an existing association with the hospice. You may wish to consider volunteering to gain some insight into the work at Rainbows. Please visit the volunteering page for more information and how to apply. Ā 

Find out more about becoming a volunteerĀ 


Katie Brant, Clinical Nurse Specialist outside Rainbows Hospice