Lottery Winners 30/09/11

1st PRIZE OF £1000.00

066026                           ENDERBY

2nd PRIZE OF £100.00

046637                           Leicester

3rd PRIZE OF £100.00

048821                           WIGSTON
30 PRIZES OF £5.00

004352   ILKESTON                               005796          Nottingham

006729   CHESTERFIELD                    007046          Nottingham

013319   Nottingham                              015816          Derby

017486   MATLOCK                                022992          Loughborough

023012   NOTTINGHAM                         027207          Leicester

030425   LEICESTER                             030536          Derby

030587   Loughborough                        032761          Coalville

034475   Coalville                                   039054          LOUGHBOROUGH

040507   Leicester                                   042357          Leicester

047713   Leicester                                   048718          LEICESTER

049112   Nottingham                              051599          Leicester

053400   Melton Mowbray                      056226          Nottingham

064531   Loughborough                        066321          Leicester

068177   LOUGHBOROUGH                071487          MELTON MOWBRAY

073463   Loughborough                        085911          Nottingham

AvailableCar’s Incredible Customer Donations, Help To Sponsor Rainbows Nurse

Midlands well-known car supermarket group AvailableCar, have just announced that they are to sponsor a full-time nurse at their nominated charity, Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People based in Loughborough.

AvailableCar and Rainbows feel that by sponsoring a nurse full-time, they will make a significant contribution to the day-to-day running of this much needed facility.

Having supported Rainbows since 2010, AvailableCar have now raised more than £60,000 in total, and the figure continues to grow substantially every month meaning the can fund the nurse for a longer period of time.

Rainbows, is a purpose-built children’s facility, which opened its doors in 1994 to meet the needs of the children and young people, who are affected by life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Rainbows, although located in Leicestershire, is used by people across the whole of the East Midlands as it is the region’s only children’s hospice.

From October, Maggie Smale who has a full-time Nurse role at Rainbows will be sponsored for the next twelve months by AvailableCar and their customers. Maggie is an essential part of the team at Rainbows and her job involves looking after children and young people who are in Rainbows for respite stays, symptom management or end of life care.

As part of only three nurses who are working at any one time, Maggie is critical in looking after the children, working with Doctors and the Care Team and supporting family and friends, by offering knowledge and ensuring they have everything they need.

Graham and Alison Bell, the Directors at AvailableCar visited the Hospice on the 22nd September to meet Maggie and some of the children and their families.


Graham said: “The reason why our fundraising has been such a success is mainly because of our fantastic Team and our customers. When a car is bought from AvailableCar, we ask the customer for a small donation of up to £5 on top of their overall car cost and Available Car then match the donation by doubling it. On average over 70% of people kindly donate, of which we are extremely grateful as we are now able to make a huge difference by funding Maggie’s nursing role.”

Previous to this, the AvailableCar Team have also raised thousands of pounds for Rainbows by running in marathons, taking part in organised sky-dives and sponsored cycles.

Graham Bell continues: “We believe that Rainbows really is an incredibly important facility for children and their families in the Midlands region which needs all the help and support possible, which is why we also joined the Rainbows Business Club. We really hope the work we do, in-terms of fundraising and in-store branding helps to raise awareness of Rainbows with all our customers and visitors.”

“We are delighted to meet Maggie in-person and the whole AvailableCar Team hope to get to know her better as we begin to work together.”

AvailableCar are an established car supermarket group in the Midlands, having been open since 2002. They spend a great deal of time ensuring that they offer fantastic customer service and a big part of that, is ensuring they work with the local community.

They have two supermarket sites which employ over 250 people locally, located in Castle Donington and Sutton-In-Ashfield.


Lottery Winners 23/09/11

1st PRIZE OF £1000.00

083974                           ILKESTON

PRIZE OF £100.00

036596                           Leicester
PRIZE OF £100.00

038557                           Leicester
30 pRIZES OF £5.00

002752   LUTTERWORTH                     003958          Leicester

014309   Leicester                                   021183          LEICESTER

021568   LOUGHBOROUGH                022175          LEICESTER

023554   LEICESTER                             025750          Leicester

028798   LOUGHBOROUGH                030127          LOUGHBOROUGH

032373   LEEK                                         044828          Leicester

048477   Leicester                                   049943          Nottingham

052746   LEICESTER                             053315          Coalville

053422   Melton Mowbray                      056959          Leicester

061946   Leicester                                   066364          Loughborough

067642   Leicester                                   070052          Leicester

074822   Leicester                                   076483          Leicester

078042   Leicester                                   080417          Leicester

081328   GREAT BOWDEN                  083140          LEICESTER

087956   Leicester                                   088945          MARKFIELD

Julie Bradshaw Swims around Manhattan Island for Rainbows

Dr Julie Bradshaw of Loughborough completed a mammoth swim around Manhattan Island, New York, to raise almost £1,000 for Rainbows.

She has become the first documented woman to swim around the island in New York, using the butterfly stroke. She completed the 28.5 mile swim in nine hours 38 minutes.

She visited Rainbows on 1st September to hand in her sponsorship money. She was given a guided tour of the new facilities and took time to meet Philip Yorkstone, Hydrotherapy Pool Co-ordinator, and Tom and James Parkin who regularly use the pool.

She said: “I couldn’t believe how much Rainbows has changed since my last visit. The pool is particularly impressive and, just speaking to the boys and Philip, I could see the benefit hydrotherapy makes to them.”

Some of Julie’s sponsorship money will be used to purchase specialist equipment for the pool so more children and young people can comfortably use it.

Julie is already preparing for her next challenge for Rainbows – next year she will aim to use the butterfly stroke to swim the length of the River Humber in the north of England. People interested in sponsoring Julie should contact her through her site